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Goldshell X5

new generation scypt(litecoin) miner with three smart working modes

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Goldshell X5 has been launched and you can order from May, 2018. The miner is built for scrypt (litecoin) mining.

X5 can run at 850 MH/s which is the highest scrypt hashrate in the world for a single machine.

It has three power modes and provide flexibility for experienced investors to balance the cost and profit.

The machine has been well tested and works stable. It's easy to maintain the machine with extremely low efforts.


1. The power interfaces is standard 9 PCI-E ( 12V ) : 1 for controller board and 8 for hash boards

2. Properly insert ethernet cable, X5 will obtain IP address automatically if the router's DHCP is on

3. Use the obtained IP to control X5. ( You can find IP from router's dashboard)


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